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New Language Learning Program: Transparent Language!

The library has replaced its Mango online language learning service with Transparent Language. transparentlanguageTransparent Language features:

  • Over 80 different languages available.
  • 1,500-2,000 words and phrases for every language.
  • 24 ESL courses for those looking to learn English.
  • Includes access to the Byki Mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.

To access it, mouse over our Research navigation option above and click on Databases. Click on the Transparent Language database option and create a user ID with your library card number or access it here.

Historical Society of the Town of Colonie: The Origins of the Town of Colonie

Sunday, 1/25, 2:00 PMCrossings
Albany City Historian Anthony Opalka and Colonie Town Historian Kevin Franklin will illustrate how the boundary line between Albany and Colonie has changed over the years. The City of Albany evolved from Fort Orange and Beverwyck; Colonie from Rensselaerwyck Manor and the Town of Watervliet.

Colonie slumbered for many years, content to be a crossroads of transportation and the provider of food for the adjacent capital city. It remained for the middle years of the last century to see the phenomenal growth of Colonie. From a population of 22,000 in 1938 it grew to over 60,000 in twenty years. The present population is approximately 81,591.