A New Museum Pass Added to Our Collection

Did you know the library has several museum passes available for checkout? Our newest pass is for the Children’s Museum of Saratoga*. Founded in 1990, the Children’s Museum at Saratoga is “dedicated to creating an interactive community that inspires curiosity, sparks imagination and nurtures discovery.”

These free passes offer opportunities for patrons to visit local museums free of charge and may be checked out for three days. The endcap of the DVD collection in the back of the library, near the Information Desk, houses the passes.

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The Summer Slide

4260380430_acf7605322_qResearch has shown when students stop reading during the summer months, they loose valuable skills that place them at a disadvantage when they begin school in the fall.  They’ve worked so hard during the year, why let them “slide” backwards?  Summer is a great opportunity to dive deeper into interests that can’t be explored during the busy school year.  It’s a time to explore new authors and genres.  It’s a time to read what you enjoy, and enjoy what you read!

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