All About the Adult Summer Reading Program

Adult Summer Reading Program FAQ

Thanks to everyone who filled out our Summer Reading Program Survey this past Spring, we learned a lot about your hopes, concerns, and expectations for our first ever Adult Summer Reading Program (the survey is still open if you want to take it).  Here are the most common questions/concerns and our answers! Feel free to stop by the Information Desk with more questions.


Who is this program for?
Our Adult Summer Reading Program is for everyone – all adults ages 18+. We used survey responses from hundreds of community members of all ages to design a Program meant to work for a variety of schedules, interests, and family obligations. We hope you will find a little something (or a lot of somethings) to enjoy – but if we missed the mark, please let us know! There will be many opportunities to share feedback.

Can I participate if I’m not much of a reader, if I don’t have time to attend events, or if I can’t make it physically into the library every week?
Yes! You will be able to participate in the program and earn raffle tickets toward prizes through reading and many other activities both in and out of the library, including via online discussion boards. Stop by the Information Desk to sign up and pick up your Welcome Packet starting June 19th to find out more.  Visit us in person just once more toward the end of the program to pick up your stack of raffle tickets – and that’s it!  Those of you who are able or wanting to engage more in person will find a LOT of opportunities to do so.

How is this program different than the Youth Summer Reading Club?
The nostalgia factor is strong – we know many of you are excited to relive the fun of the Summer Reading Program of your youth! We’re banking on all that enthusiasm and the best parts of Youth Summer Reading Programs – reading tracking, fun events, and prizes – but we’re also focused on creating intriguing conversations, boosting creativity, and helping participants build skills and new connections. This Summer Reading Program is truly all grown up.

What kind of reading materials will be part of the program?
There’s a zillion different ways to read these days, and we love ALL of them at the library! Rest assured – whether you like print or digital, audio or text, articles or books – you will be able to participate in the reading component of the Program if desired. All we ask is that you set a reading goal (articles and/or books read), and keep track of your efforts to reach it! That’s it! We’re happy to help you find your next favorite book or article at our Information Desk – but we encourage you to select your own materials, and to share recommendations with one another in person and online!

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