Art Exhibits

Art exhibits are available for viewing during regular business hours, except while programs are in progress. Please call to verify room availability, 458-9274.

The current exhibit by adult artists, in the Stedman Room and Hall, is by five “Friday Artists”.  The group show featuring artists Bev Braun, Rita Buttiker, Joan Krathaus, Helga Prichard and Joan Van Alphen will run from April 1-30.

A reception will be held on Sunday, April 2 from 2:00-4:00PM.

Exhibit space in the Stedman Room is reserved well in advance, but inquires may be directed to Greg Rucinski, 810-0312.

The current exhibit by young adults outside the Teen Room is by Siena College Digital Photo II students.

The current exhibit by young adults inside the Teen Room is by North Colonie 6th grade students.

For more information about young adult art exhibits, please contact Elissa Valente, 458-9274.

Previous art exhibits:

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