Where is the library located?
The library is located off exit 4 of the Adirondack Northway (I-87) at 629 Albany-Shaker Road. Coming from the SOUTH take Exit 4 and turn left at the ramp onto Wolf Road at the next light take a right onto Albany Shaker Road. Follow Albany Shaker Road past the library to the traffic circle. Exit the circle onto New Maxwell Road. Take your first left onto Field Drive to enter the library parking lot.

Coming from the NORTH take exit 4, where the road splits bear right. At the light at the end of the ramp turn left onto Rt. 155. At the next light turn left onto Albany Shaker Road. Follow Albany Shaker Road past the library to the traffic circle. Exit the circle onto New Maxwell Road. Take your first left onto Field Drive to enter the library parking lot.

When coming south on Maxwell Road, bear left and enter the new road going toward the library; pass the sign for the Times Union on the right; watch for a large blue sign on the right announcing the entrance to the library; turn right into the library entrance. Click here for a map.

When is the library open?
The Library hours are:

Monday-Thursday 9 AM – 8 PM
Friday 9 AM – 6 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday 1 PM – 5 PM (The library is closed on Sundays from Memorial Day through Labor Day)

Does the library close for inclement weather?
All Programming at the library will follow local school district decisions about closings and cancellations. Please check your local news station for up to date information.
SCHOOL DELAYS: If North or South Colonie Schools are delayed due to inclement weather, all morning programs will be cancelled.
EARLY DISMISSALS: If North or South Colonie Schools dismiss students early or cancel after school programs due to inclement weather, afternoon and evening programs will be cancelled.
SCHOOL CLOSINGS: If North or South Colonie Schools are closed due to inclement weather, all morning, afternoon and evening programs will be cancelled.

What will I find at the library?
The library provides 169,000 books, including 42,500 especially for children, 8,000 adult reference titles, 3,500 large print books, 4,400 periodicals and 4,800 audiovisual materials (compact discs, talking books, and videotapes.) The library also has Internet and Word Processing computers available free for public use in both the adult and Youth Services areas. Game computers and a homework station are available in the Youth Services Department.

How can I get a library card?
Residents of Albany or Rensselaer County are eligible for a free library card. People residing outside of Albany or Rensselaer Counties will be charged $25.00 per year per family. When applying, please bring identification bearing your signature and permanent address. Patrons will be asked to fill out an application with their name, address, home and business phone numbers, and date of birth. Children’s applications must be signed by the child and a parent (or guardian) with a valid library card.  For more information, click HERE.

Can I use my library card to borrow materials from other libraries?
Your card may be used to borrow materials from any library in the Upper Hudson Library System. You may borrow items in person, or you can request items via the online catalog and have them delivered to your home library.

How can I find out if you have an item I am looking for?
You may call the Information Desk at 518-458-9274, you may use the online catalog in the library, or you may access the library’s catalog from home. Click HERE to begin searching the library’s catalog.

Who buys the books for the library?
Buying books for the library is a group effort. Each librarian has a subject specialty area. If you would like to recommend an item for purchase, please call the library at 518-458-9274 or complete this FORM.

I’m looking for a book, and you do not own it. Can you help me find it?
Books from other libraries are often available. If you need an item which is not listed in our catalog, ask at the Information desk. (For children’s books, go to the children’s help desk). Retrieval time will vary based on the response of other libraries. In some cases we will purchase the needed item.

How long do materials circulate?
New Release Fiction – 14 days
General Fiction and Non-Fiction Items -28 Days
DVDs – 7 Days
Audiobooks – 28 Days
Magazines – 14 days
Music CDs – 14 Days
Museum Passes – 3 days

Who do I call about an overdue item?
Please call the Circulation Department at 518-810-0319 for assistance with overdue items.

Do you charge for overdue materials?
Yes, fees are as follows:

Most materials – 25¢ per day
DVDs– $1.00 per day
Interlibrary Loan – 25¢ per day
Non-Returned materials – Replacement cost plus a processing fee per item

MAXIMUM late fee is $5.00 PER ITEM. An additional processing fee may be imposed on excessively overdue materials.

Can I renew books without having to bring them to the library?
Yes, this can be done over the phone, as long as the item is not overdue, and no one has placed it on reserve. You may do this by calling the library at 518-458-9274. You can also renew materials via our ONLINE CATALOG (select “login”, in the upper right corner, and enter your library card number and pin).

Can I leave my children at the library?
In keeping with our concern for the safety of minors, our library board of trustees has instituted a policy for those minors left unattended at the library during the day. For the protection of preschool children, a parent, guardian, or authorized caregiver (for example, nanny, au pair, child care professional) must stay with any preschool child anywhere on library property. An older sibling or peer is not considered an authorized caregiver. We are also concerned about the safety of those minors who have started school, but who are still under age 18. Should we need to contact a parent or guardian or authorized caregiver for any reason, and if they are not on site or cannot be reached, we will notify the police. The same holds true with any preschool child left unattended on library property. As always, should you have any questions about this policy or any other policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our policy also states that if a minor is left outside the building after closing, a library staff member will make sure the minor has called for a ride. The staff member will wait with the minor for a maximum of 15 minutes, then, if the minor has not been picked up, staff is required to notify the police.

Where can I find a tutor for my child?
We do not maintain a list of tutors. We suggest you contact your local school district offices.

Do you accept donations?
Yes, if the items are in good condition we will accept a maximum of 2 boxes. Items that cannot be added to the collection will be put on the book sale table. All donated items should be brought to the staff entrance at the back of the library. If no one is available when you ring the doorbell, please bring the donations to the Circulation Desk. Call the library at 518-458-9274 if you need assistance bringing the books inside.

What do I need to do to present a program at the library?
Click here for Stedman Room policy information. For information about availability and procedure, please contact Greg Rucinski in the Outreach/Programs office by calling the library at 518-458-9274.

What can you tell me about the art displays at your library?
Local artists present a different EXHIBIT each month. A price list is available in the Stedman Room for each exhibit. Artists interested in scheduling a show should contact Greg Rucinski in the Outreach/Programs office by calling the library at 518-458-9274.

Does the library engage in social media?
Yes. The library currently posts information and interacts with patrons and users on Facebook. The library’s social media guidelines are located here.

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