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Joe Nash, nashj@colonielibrary.org

Local History

New York State Museum
The New York State Museum is a significant research New York-focused institute located in downtown Albany that “conducts systematic investigations into the geology, biology, anthropology and history of New York”1. The museum has a collection of over 12 million artifacts of all kinds. This museum is a great place to research any of the previously-mentioned subjects as well as just to peruse an extensive collection. This website contains general information on their current and ongoing collections/exhibits and programs.

Albany County Local History
This is a very useful site containing many links to local historical maps, census information, historical places, town information, records, etc. If you are looking to research local records or find local historical places, this is a good place to start.

Albany Institute of History & Art
The Albany Institute of History & Art is an organization focused on preserving art and culture of the greater Albany, Hudson Valley area, and the nation as a whole. This website contains photographs of some of their current collections and exhibits.

Shaker Heritage Society
This site contains information on the Shaker settlement in Albany. It is primarily focused on the Albany Shaker site and settlement, containing information on the buildings on the site, the evolution of the people and settlement, as well as current programs and events.

National Park Service-Saratoga National Historical Park
This website provides historical information on the American Revolutionary War Battle of Saratoga. Background on the battle, a calendar of events and information on the park itself is provided. If you are looking for information on this battle or want to visit the park, this is a good site to start.

New Netherland Institute (NNI)
Created in 1986 as the Friends of the New Netherland Project, New Netherland Institute has supported the transcription, translation, and publication of the 17th-century Dutch colonial records held by the New York State Library and State Archives. NNI now supports the New Netherland Research Center (NNRC) in partnership with the New York State Office of Cultural Education (OCE), the parent agency of the State Library and State Archives. The website contains a vast library of early documents, books, and reference works that tell the fascinating story of the Dutch global reach during the American colonial period and its lasting impact on today’s world.

World and History

Best of History Websites
This is a great portal-type site containing over a thousand annotated links to various history-related websites well categorized by topic. Just a few examples of the many topics available: ancient/biblical, medieval, modern, renaissance, military, art, and many more.

The American Family Immigration History Center
This site uses state of the art computer technology to bring Immigrant arrival records from 1892-1924 to one’s fingertips. For a nominal fee, visitors can receive a printout of their family’s data, plus a picture of the ship on which they arrived. However, the site is difficult to access, because of the number of people trying to access it.

Princeton University Library History Websites
Another good portal site containing history-related links organized by time period, topic, and region. This one was created by Princeton University. Coverage includes time periods from ancient to 20th century. There are several links to primary source documents on this site, which are great for research.

The History Channel
A good place to start if you like history and cable TV’s History Channel.

Library of Congress American Memory
a nice site with topics including “today in history”, to African American, Native American and military history, and much more.

Texts and Documents
This is a GREAT web site! Primary documents from the beginning of human history divided into two categories: Europe, and East Asia. If you want history when it was written, go here.

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