Computer Classes

Computer Training Classes
Check our current newsletter or online calendar of events for class dates and times.
Prior registration is required–come to the Information Desk or call 810-0314.
(Unless otherwise noted, all classes will meet in the Training/Conference Room)

Introduction to Computers: Gateway to the World Wide Web
Are you a computer novice? This hands-on computer course is designed for individuals with little or no previous experience. The course will focus on developing skills in the following areas: 1) Basic understanding of the Windows environment. 2) Ability to use the computer mouse. 3) Ability to use the computer keyboard. 4) Ability to access computer programs and files. This class is limited to 8 participants.

Want to Learn How To Use The World Wide Web One on One?:  One of our librarians is offering 30 minute one-on-one sessions to help you learn to use the Internet Explorer browser or the Mozilla Firefox browser to search the World Wide Web. Call 810-0314 to put your name on a waiting list for this new service. The librarian/teacher will then call you with the dates and times available.  This format will replace the former Introduction to the Internet classes.

Want to Learn How To Use Google and/or Bing to search for information or images, to use their mapping applications, to sign up to use Gmail or Outlook,  to use their translation features, or any of the other features offered through their search engine web sites?   Call 810-0314 to put your name on a waiting list for this service. The librarian/teacher will call you back with the dates and times available. This format will replace the former Intermediate Internet/Using Search Engines classes.

Basic Word Processing and File Management
This class explores the basic features of the Microsoft Word 2007 Screen from top to bottom. The purpose of this class is to encourage students to perform basic editing functions on a prepared document, to create a folder in Windows Explorer, and to save the document to the folder. Students should have dexterity with the mouse, keyboard experience, familiarity with the Windows environment, and a sense of humor. The 2-1/2 hour class is limited to six students.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007
This class will explore the basic features of Excel. Students will learn how to create a worksheet and perform simple calculations and manipulations with data. Students should be familiar with the Windows environment, the keyboard and be able to use a mouse. Students may take this more than once if they feel they need more practice with the basics. This class will be 1-1/2 hours and is limited to eight students.

Microsoft Excel 2007 II
This class is designed for library patrons who have completed the Introduction to Excel class or are already familiar with the basics of entering and manipulating data in an Excel worksheet. Topics such as sorting data, customizing tables and creating graphs and charts will be explored. This 1-1/2 hour class is limited to eight students.

Facebook For Beginners
What is Facebook? Why do I need it? Once I have it, how do I use it? Once I start using it, how do I keep myself safe? In this Social Media Lecture, you will learn basic survival tools for navigating the hazards and joys of Facebook. Designed for those library patrons who have already created – or are thinking of creating – a facebook account. Basic understanding of computer terminology and function is helpful. Class size is limited to eight students.

Overdrive Downloadable Audiobooks
Come in and learn the basics of downloading digital audiobooks from our free Overdrive service. You will learn the basics of the MP3 and WMA formats and how to search for and check out audio titles from our digital catalog ( In general, if you have an MP3 player, a PC, an Ipod or a smartphone you can download audiobooks free of charge using your library card number. We will then transfer the digital title to an MP3 device. The Overdrive service is free of charge to use, as long as you have a valid library card number. Feel free to bring your laptop and/or players so that we can practice after class. Class size is limited to eight students.

Presenting Through PowerPoint
This class will give an introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint, a presentation program that is commonly used for students and business presentations. Learn how to create a simple presentation, create and edit slides, insert clipart, apply designs, and run the slide show. We will also cover how to save, print, and open presentations. Prior knowledge of the basic use of computers is required.

Buying and Selling Online: eBay, Craig’s List and Amazon
Discover the differences between direct buy sites and auction style sites, understand the best practices for protecting personal information, and learn the benefits of buying and selling online. Class is limited to 8 students. Prior knowledge of the basic use of computers and the Internet is required.

Ipad/Android Clinic
Nook Clinic
Kindle Clinic

Do you have a Kindle/Nook/Ipad/Android device and need to learn how to use it? These one hour clinics will teach you the basics of using your device, as well as how to download free ebooks from the library’s digital catalog. Please feel free to bring in your device into the class. If you are unable to make these dates/times please contact Peggy Mello, the library’s ebook librarian to schedule a one-on-one session.

One on One Computer Help
Would you like one on one computer help with learning how to set up an email account? Or how to get started on Microsoft Word or Excel? Or how to search the Internet? Or learn what a Facebook page is? The library is now offering 30 minute sessions with someone who is proficient in all the major email providers, MS Office, searching the Internet, and Facebook. She will be able to get you started with almost any common everyday computer/internet questions. Sign up for a 30 minute time slot by calling the Information Desk at 810-0314.

Career Classes
Schedule a one-on-one “job interview” session with library volunteer Sharon Parkis. Sharon has been presenting a monthly group interview class for the past year and has a background in both training and human resources. Call the Information Desk at 810-0314 to schedule a session. 

Schedule a one-on-one session to learn how to create your resume in our new software “WinWay Resume Deluxe.” Save your resume to a flash drive or download the WinWay App for iPhone and send a PDF version of your resume to your phone.

Applying online for employment with local grocers or fast-food employers? Schedule a one-on-one help session with a librarian.

Email us at for more information.