Library Renovation Updates

We’re moving right along into some major building updates – and yes, we will remain open during this time!  So, what should you expect when visiting the library? 
First, you should expect to see construction crews on site starting June 13th.  With work starting early and wrapping up mid-afternoon, you can expect some construction noise and disruption in the mornings and early afternoons, with our quietest hours to be between 3-8pm.  All this noise and disruption will have a huge payoff, as our bathrooms, public areas, entrance way, and checkout desk are all getting major upgrades in accordance with community feedback.
Second, you may find certain areas of the library closed off for safety reasons this summer.  If you see an area of the collection or building taped off, and need help getting anything – please just some to any of our desk and inquire.  We are happy to retrieve materials for you as needed.
Thanks for your patience as we transform!  We are looking forward to sharing the results with you.

Walls are still down – but we’re starting to build things around here too!  Visitors to our newspaper area or DVD collection may have spotted the glass walls that have sprung up to enclose our temporary Training Room, a space that will eventually become a meeting room once our permanent Training Room is completed. (May, 2018)


Bids are out for the project and due back early April. We hope to have contractors on site by early May. In the mean time some small demo has begun. Please excuse our mess and thank you for your patience with the process the results will be worth the wait. In the first phase of the project the library will be expanding and renovating the front entrance, replacing all bathrooms, creating a more open and inviting entrance, relocating some administrative offices as well as updating lighting and mechanical. The drawing with some of the first phase changes is outside of the Administrative Office. We will give as much notice as possible for any service impact. Please watch our FB page for progress reports. (March, 2018)

Demolition Underway for the New Teen Room

The Teen Room will be one of the first rooms impacted by our renovations, and the work has begun! The YA non-fiction collection has been relocated directly outside of the teen space. The Artwork from the outer gallery has been moved inside the room, and the small gallery artwork is now on free-standing grids outside of the room. Let us know if you need help finding anything. Thank you for your patience during this process. (March, 2018)


Say goodbye to the leak in the Teen Room, because it will soon be history! Work to repair our roof is under way now and will continue through the end of the week.

What to expect… 

We’re working to minimize disruptions during this process – but please pardon the noise and smell!

Also, while the roof is being repaired, the Teen Room is off limits to library visitors – but staff at our Adult Information desk or Youth Services desk will be happy to retrieve materials for you.  Teens are also welcome to spread out throughout the library for computer and study time as the work continues. We will have the Teen Room back open as soon as possible.  (E-News, December, 2017)


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We are excited to get started with our capital improvement project! Coming this fall will be a new sign at the Albany Shaker entrance and LED lighting for the parking lot. Phase 1 renovations will begin with work on the roof; we hope to see this start early October. Please watch the Library’s Facebook page for updates; as we know, we will let you know. We will be working to keep any service interruptions and inconveniences down to a minimum. We appreciate your support and your patience. (September, 2017)

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